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Youth Camps

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Junior Camp: June 10-13, 2024

Senior / Hyphen Camp: June 17–21, 2024

Camp Speakers

Junior Camp: Amado Huizar (Nights), Joshua Youngblood (Days)

Senior / Hyphen Camp: Luke Levine (Nights), K Shock (Days)


Junior Camp:

  • $105 Registration by May 20th

  • $135 Late-Registration starting May 21st until June 5th

Senior Camp:

  • $115 Registration by May 20th

  • $145 Late-Registration starting May 21st until June 12th

Hyphen Camp:

  • $135 Registration by May 20th

  • $165 Late-Registration starting May 21st until June 12th


What are the age requirements for Oklahoma Youth Camps?

  • Junior Camp:

    • Must be at least 11 years of age by September 1 and no older than 13. 10-year-olds may not attend Crusaders Camp and Junior Camp in the same year.

  • Senior Camp:

    • Must be at least 14 years of age by September 1 and still in High School. High School graduates of the current year will attend Hyphen Camp. 13-year-olds may not participate in Junior and Senior Camp in the same year.

  • Hyphen Camp:

    • Must be single (Never Married, No Children) and post-high school (including current year graduates). No older than 24 years of age. Students who are eligible to be staff or Hyphen camper must choose between the two.


I'm not too fond of the internet. Can we register by mail?

  • Yes. You can register online and choose the "pay by check" option at checkout, or you can download the registration form to print and mail it.



What's the easiest way for me to make sure my child has funds for the concession stand?

  • We have concession cards available for purchase on the registration page. It's like a credit card with a preset limit! Already at camp? You can buy a concession card from The Store or at the registration table.


What should I pack?

  • We've got you covered. Download the youth camp survival guide for a checklist to use while you are preparing for camp.



How do I get one of those cool camp t-shirts?

  • All registrants, except for at-the-door, get a t-shirt included! Don't worry, though; there are always t-shirts available for purchase at The Store.


What does a typical day look like at camp?

  • Days are full of teaching sessions, a highly anticipated break to get snacks at the concession stand, recreation, and choir.

  • Our cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks.

  • The highlight of the day is the evening church service. These services engage students in apostolic worship and preaching. The camp evangelists constantly challenge students with the Word of God. Students find purpose, develop callings, and go deeper in their faith during these services. 


Are any services open to the public?

  • Yes. Each evening service is open to the public. Service begins at 7:00 PM. The final evening service will begin at 6:30 PM with our awards ceremony.


What time does registration begin?

  • Camper registration begins at 2:00 PM on the Monday of camp.

  • Each attendee must go through the registration line for lice checks and then pick up their lanyard and t-shirt before gaining access to the dorms.


What's this I hear about lice checks?

  • To prevent the spread of lice, our team will check each overnight guest for lice/nits before they are allowed to spend the night.

  • If live lice or nits are found in a student's hair, they will be required to leave campus with all their belongings. If the guest is a minor, his/her parent or guardian will be notified. The camp nurse will provide a letter with a cleaning procedure. Upon following the letter's procedure, the guest is welcome to return the following day and be rechecked for lice and nits. If the guest has followed the given instructions, they will be allowed to return to camp for the event's remainder. If a student is unable to return to camp, Oklahoma Youth will provide a full refund.


Am I allowed to have medications with me at camp?

  • No. You must turn over all medicines to the camp nurse at registration. Our medical team will distribute medication as needed.

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