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Junior Camp

A four-day camp designed for students ages 11-13. Daytime activities are full of teaching sessions, recreation, and choir. We provide a safe dorm experience with our vetted staff and, most importantly, life-changing services every day. Youth Camps are an opportunity to meet new friends, deepen a relationship with God, and make incredible memories.

Senior Camp

A five-day camp designed for students ages 14-18. Similar to Junior Camp, students should expect sports, games, and activities that are carefully crafted with them in mind. A favorite of many is human knocker balls, archery tag, or Monday Night Live.  Our cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks, and, of course, the concession stand is always open during breaks and recreation times. Of course, the most important part of Senior Camp is the daily services where they can feel the Spirit, be challenged, and answer the call of God.

Hyphen Camp

Hyphen Camp is for young adults who are post-high school through the age of 25. This week runs simultaneously with Senior Camp, where these young adults can be challenged, be around a strong peer group, and hang out with great coffee. Hyphen Camp is an excellent place for college students, young professionals, and young leaders to discover their purpose.​

Oklahoma Youth Convention

Every December, hundreds of junior and senior high students and young adults gather from all over the great State of Oklahoma for two days between Christmas and New Year. Youth Convention provides the opportunity to meet new friends and deepen a relationship with God.


Daytime activities are filled with a hyper-active wake-up rally, teaching sessions for teens and Hyphen, and a highly anticipated general session with the Oklahoma District Youth President speaking. The highlight is the evening services with anointed worship and a relevant message for all ages. The impact of these services is tangible. Don’t miss your opportunity to be involved this year!

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