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MTM Weekend

This event is hosted in conjunction with Move The Mission Weekend (August 19-20), featuring a state-wide Move The Mission Rally on Friday night at the campground in Mustang. No registration is required for the rally. Please bring an offering for Move The Mission! 


Join families from all over Oklahoma on August 20th at Frontier City for Move The Mission Day! With hundreds of Apostolics roaming around the theme park laughing, riding roller coasters, and eating great food, how could you not have a great time? The great part is that a portion of the ticket price goes straight to Move The Mission! Bring your whole family on Saturday, August 20th for Move The Mission Day!




  • What is the refund policy?  All sales are final. NO REFUNDS.

  • Is this event just for youth groups?  NO. People of all ages are invited to be apart.

  • Is this just for church people?  NO. Invite your school friends. Sell tickets to your coworkers. Anyone can purchase our discounted tickets for admission to Frontier City on July 31st. 

  • How will I get my tickets?  If you purchase online before July 18th you will receive your tickets in the mail. After July 18th your tickets can be picked up at the front gate. You can also purchase tickets from your sectional youth leader (if available).

  • Are Meal Deal tickets available?  Frontier City no longer offers Meal Deal tickets as in years past; however, the park has many food options available for purchase. 

  • How much is parking?  Church buses & vans park for free.  Cars will pay $20 to park, unless you purchase a parking pass for $10.

  • What time does the park open?  The park opens at 11:00am and closes at 7pm. You may come at any time during the course of the day.

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